NGO under 35 I(ii) and 35 I(iii)

Any logical and scientific research affiliation/association which has its subjects and objectivity of doing the scientific research or sociological research can be affirmed under segment 35 I(ii) and 35I(iii) as per the rules and different conditions as might be informed in the official periodical of the central government. The giver will get 175% weighted reasoning on the donated sum according to alteration by the Finance Act 2010.
Application:- The application for endorsement under area 35 1 (ii)/35 1 (iii) of IT Act 1961 might be submitted to the CIT/DIT-IT of the ward of the assessee relationship alongside following data in recommended shape.
I. List of advantages/offices claimed utilized for logical research/Social science inquire about by the candidate,
II. Details of past research ventures embraced by the candidate, for example, inquire about tasks finished/in progress/any distribution of research ventures,
III. Past examine exercises, for example, regardless of whether any new item/process created, affirmed, any result of import substitution,
IV. Patents documented and subtleties of the recording,
V. Whether any commercialization completed of any such item/process,
VI. Earnings from such licenses and so on
VII. Details of meetings/classes and so forth held
VIII. Proposed to explore venture to be embraced,
IX. List of the contributors and sum got as gifts,
X. Amount used in such research exercises,
Recommended forms:
– By an association of scientific Management– Form 3CF- I
– By a college, university or other foundation imparting such knowledge –Form 3CF- II