List of NGO Funding Agencies (National, Government, International, Private corporations)

List of Funding Agencies (National, Government, International, Private corporations)
Check out the names of some of the funding agencies here –
I. Ministry of Human Resource Development
II. Department of Women & Child Development
III. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports
IV. Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
V. Ministry of Textiles
VI. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
VII. Ministry of Environment & Forest
VIII. Ministry of Rural Development
IX. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
X. Ministry of Tourism and Culture
XI. Ministry of Food Processing Industries
XII. Ministry Road Safety & Highways
XIII. Ministry of Agriculture & Horticulture
XIV. Ministry of Science & Technology
XV. Ministry Tribal Affairs
XVI. Ministry of Labour
XVII. National Trust
XVIII. Central Social Welfare Board.
Foreign Funding Agencies:
I. British High Commission
II. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
III. Oxfam
IV. Ford Foundation
VI. Infinity Foundation
VII. BORDA( Germany )
VIII. Canadian High Commission
IX. New Zealand High Commission
X. Findhorn Foundation
XI. GIFRID( Israel )
XII. European Commission(EC)
XIV. Japanese Embassy

NGO Projects, Fundings & Funding Agencies

NGO Projects
Various NGOs are looking out for the interlinked issues of poverty, underdevelopment, and characteristic corruption. In particular, Non Government Organizations (NGOs) are dynamic and contrasting collections of mixtures working at neighborhood, national and overall peripheries. Their activities wrap easing and humanitarian help log evacuees and expelled people, fiscal and commonplace enhancement programs, basic resources and protection activities, open wellbeing interventions, and various diverse locales. How Non Government Organizations screen the social, money related and environmental impact of their endeavors is the subject of this article. NGOs can plan their objectives and record in government services, corporate or interface with remote contributor for concede. We encase for your data to enhance an educational initiative about our association. In the event that you are intrigued please send the accompanying archives for planning of imaginative NGO project proposal for grant-in aid. The following documents are required in that regard:
I. Registration Certificate and update of Association and Rules and Regulation of Society/Trust Deed of Trust.
II. Balance Sheet of last three Years.
III. Annual Report of last three Years
IV. Pan Card of the Ngo
V. Bank Account Details
VI. 12a and 80g Registration Certificate under Income Tax Act 1961
Funding for NGOs:
Non Government Organizations look positively towards the Bilateral Development and awareness initiative ventures. These activities give subsidizing potential outcomes to Slovak NGOs, business ventures and state associations that are looking to actualize Slovakia’s improvement ventures. Proposed law on the National Fund to help these social welfare associations in Development Projects:
Financing offices offer help and subsidizing to non-benefits, grass-root level NGOs, associations; yet the organizations give assets and support as indicated by their own rules, terms and parameters. The posting of giver and other related offices, people, associations gave here is just to data reason. We are not partnered with any office, we don’t support or suggest any office or association for any reason. This data has been accommodated contact reason just, expecting that the enrolled offices support or help volunteers, social welfare mixtures and gatherings for their social reason or entrepreneurship.
Project Proposal Writing
We have the capabilities of providing proper and phenomenal consultancy in NGO project proposal writing to ensure a successful venture with other companies and agencies. A project proposal portrays a course of action for a required development. A project proposal might be used to secure a chose permit or to induce a directorate to store another movement. Venture recommendations comprise of a few areas, maybe including an official rundown, a depiction of the issue or objective, a history or foundation of existing conditions, an examination survey, etc.
We plan project proposal in the following directions as appropriate for the development of your business:
I. Projects under 35ac, 35 1(ii), 35 1(iii)
II. Dental College
III. Medical college
IV. Research centre
V. Ayurvedic College
VI. Homeopathic and Biochemistry college
VII. Polytechnic Colleges
VIII. Physical Education Colleges
IX. Engineering Colleges
X. Law College
XI. Special plans of Indian and state government like SWADHAR, GRAMEEN ROJGAR YOJNA and so on.
NGO Projects Funding Agencies
A Non Government Organization can approach the accompanying offices for venture financing:-
Government Agency; If the NGO finishes 3 years, at that point it winds up qualified for greater measure of financing and can approach the administration services for stipends. There is a different service for Non government association concede concentrated on a specific goal and plan. Regardless of whether the NGO isn’t three years of age, it can apply for little budgetary concede for momentary ventures like ecological mindfulness, camps sorting out for wellbeing enhancement in provincial regions.
Remote Funding Agency; Foreign Funding is pertinent when the NGO gets enrolled under FCRA. The social welfare association must be 3 years of age for changeless enrollment under FCRA. On the off chance that if the Non Government Organization is even one year old and any outside contributor will give any add up to that Foundation, at that point that NGO can apply for FCRA earlier consent. The remote gift is as a rule for those gifts who are especially working for an explicit reason like ladies strengthening, destruction of youngster lack of education, HIV/AIDS mindfulness in towns and immature territories.
Corporate Social Responsibility; CSR represents corporate social obligation. These days, the Indian Government has made a standard of CBDT limit. Every corporate association who are having a yearly turnover in Crores, they should give 2% of their benefits to social welfare associations i.e. NGOs. The CSR incline toward those NGOs who are enlisted under segment 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. This enables the corporate associations in inspiring half expense to discount from gave sum.
Our firm gives an extensive variety of administrations in the areas of NGO project proposal writing for NGOs after careful and profound comprehension of the mission of non-government organizations. Our organization was formed to help combinations in organization limit building and in fortifying efficiency. We have a broad assortment of specialists upheld by legitimate office system and thorough database of support documentation with an assurance of best organization gadgets and key articles for them. We work expertly and give quality organization to our clients at the portrayed calendar.

How to approach for NGO Funding ?

Funding is of outmost importance to an NGO for its daily and activity fulfillment. Due to continuous funding and flow of funds, they can provide solidarity to major activities undertaken by the NGOs. There are many types of funding agencies which provide support and funding to non-profit organizations, small NGOs. But these NGO Funding agencies have their own guidelines, terms, and conditions while also having definite conditions by the Government of India. There are certain terms and conditions relating to their CSR activities and are parts of the bigger conglomerate of companies. But the NGOs often keep the listings of the donors and other related agencies a secret from the societies and only reveal at the time of audit. These agencies are not related to any agency or endorse any recommended agency or organization for any purpose.
Project Proposal Writing
A project proposal is kind of formal proposal describing the plans for some sort of action to be taken by the NGO. One of the strongest suits of our company is providing consultancy to the NGOs about writing their Project proposals. There are various usages of the Project proposals as it can be used to obtain a federal grant or to convince a board of directors to fund some new projects or ventures. They consist of various sections which include an executive summary, a description of the problem or a goal, history or background of existing conditions, a research review and various such things which makes the Project proposal look interesting. Utmost care must be taken while writing project proposals because they are the first thing a funding agency would look for before heading on to meet personally.
Institutional and Government Fund Raising
Our company is well versed with any sort of detailing for fundraising. we also have a database of institutions or bodies for Indian and Foreign countries as well. The list that we have consisted of bigger financial companies and corporations who donate large funds for development and infrastructure for the underprivileged societies of the country. Therefore the NGOs would require a project proposal mentioning the work area of NGO, their strategies, plan of work and areas of expertise which is required to get institutional or governmental funding.
Different Plans for Fund Raising
There is a requirement of a perfect framework for fundraising plan. This framework must also consist the development efforts of the NGO along with its financial planning to spend the funds at the right place. These frameworks would help in planning the future and ensure the organizations’ stability. If the NGOs plan their fundraiser better, it helps the organization in generating multiple revenue streams, to set their priorities, strategies and the objectives for the organization success. But what would the planning entail? The planning would include asserting the organization’s readiness, review of the data pertaining to their fundraising effective, audit of the current and projected goals, in identifying target audiences, developing implementation, evaluation and monitoring strategies.
Corporate Fund Raising
In recent years, the corporate fundraising in the NGO sector has quite increased as compared to other fundraising techniques. In the case of an NGO, the corporate Fund Raising means raising resource from the organization which has an initiative for corporate social responsibility. In this field also, our company has gained substantial resources to tap profitable corporate and socially responsible organizations.
Foreign Funding
Foreign funding is important for various types of NGOs to thrive in the country who generally do not have great financial backing in the country. There are various foreign funding agencies and trusts who support the causes in the Indian Markets as well. Some of them are Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, DFID, NORAD etc. These funding agencies to provide good funds to Indian NGOs provided you give them proper approach fundraising proposals.
Our company would provide adequate research and care to ensure that the NGOs have a great funding proposal in writing which matches the agenda of the donor. An FCRA account is required for seeking foreign donation/support/aid.